Who We Are

Having built the FOD to meet the learning and training needs of our adult members, we are now in a position to uniquely support people with Ds in Cork of all ages- from birth, through childhood and every step on the way into adulthood. We consider ourselves a centre of excellence when it comes to supporting and advocating  for people with Ds and their families.

Our Story

With amazing goodwill and pro-bono support, ground works commenced in March 2017, and over the course of the next six months, this green field site was transformed into the magical Field of Dreams.

Our Mission

At Field of Dreams, our vision and dream is to provide opportunities for adults with Ds for ongoing learning and growth (pardon the pun!!), with the ultimate aim of supporting them to access paid, sustained work.

In this magical environment, built to meet their specific needs, we focus on providing days that are productive and meaningful, and full of fun!

Our Site

The Field of Dreams boasts a training room, commercial grade kitchen with cafe area, 3 polytunnels, market garden, sensory garden, remembrance garden, fruit garden, orchard, covered courtyard and recreational areas.  This year, we introduced a care farm element to the site, with the introduction of sheep and chickens - which were a huge hit with our students…we’re not sure about that bossy rooster though!!

We will be forever grateful to the many supporters who have been instrumental in us getting this far.

Would you like to donate?

Our ambition is to improve the lives of even more members of Down Syndrome cork, and this year we have an intake of 22 students on a variety of different programmes.

By donating to this cause, you will help us to future-proof our dream of expanding the Field of Dreams and building on the success of our initial programme.