We’ve been sowing seeds; now watch them grow

Under the expert eye of Diarmuid Gavin

we held a sowing seeds workshop in Centre 21 in March 2016.

Earlier that morning we had walked our Field of Dreams in Curraheen with Diarmuid and he had shared some of his design ideas with us. “We’ll make a statement”, he said, suggesting design elements that will be noticed by the passing traffic. He’s been very busy since his visit to Cork designing for Harrods in the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show and we wish him all the best with this year’s Show.

Gonna make this garden grow

There is another lovely subplot to our short video of our sowing seeds workshop, the soundtrack.The Garden Song, most well known in Ireland because of the Makem and Clancy cover version, was written over 40 years ago by David Mallett of Maine, USA. The lyrics are so suitable for our project that we approached David and asked for permission to use his recording. He replied almost immediately that he would be ‘honored’ – well we were tickled pink! We had to jump through a few more hoops with the music rights company BMG but we have secured the use of the song and recording for 1 year. Leaving the last word to David – For those who will work and train in Field of Dreams we can’t think of any better wish for you then this …

“And rain for grain, sun and rain
Find my way in nature’s chain
And tune my body and my brain
To the music from the land”