Literacy Update!

by Paul Ahern on April 19th, 2020

The final stop on our check in with our students is our Literacy group and boy have they been busy!!


David has spent his time making easter cards, baking delicious cakes, helping in the garden and going for walks with his Dad.

Conor has been making us all hungry with not only his delicious scones but also his BBQ-ing skills! Jealous!

Rebecca had a birthday early last week and she even made her own cake! She has been enjoying family time at home.

Fiona and her dog Larry have been walking non-stop! She has also been practicing her yoga.

Sadhbh has been cooking, cleaning and dancing...just not at the same time!

Karen has been baking too...beautiful buns and a personal favourite of mine - rice krispie cakes!

Matthew baked a beautiful apple and almond cake...and just to balance things out, has been running every morning!

As for Mariah...what hasn't she been doing: helping around the house, dancing, baking, gardening, making cards for her niece and godson. I wish I had her energy!


Well done everyone!