Graduates at Work (Part 1)

by Paul Ahern on December 4th, 2019

Every week we will be profiling the Graduates from our first Horticulture and Work Skills programme and checking in to see how they are getting on with their new jobs.

This week we will be focusing on Jennifer O' Halloran, Mariah Couch and Paul Fitzgerald. With the help of Eva O' Donovan our Employment Support Specialist, all 3 have secured part-time, paid employment.


Jennifer O' Halloran - Clerical Officer, Cork County Council

"My name is Jennifer O'Halloran, I work 16 hours a week in Cork County Council. When I finished Field of Dreams I was so lucky to get my dream job working in an office with the Council. It's great, I love the work. The people there are fantastic and fun. I file paperwork, sort post, do computer work. I love it."


Mariah Couch - Waitress, Café Vélo

"My name is Mariah Couch. I work 2 hours a week in Café Velo. I really enjoy working here in the Cafe, the team are lovely, and its nice to be able to earn money working."

Mariah is getting on brilliantly there, that's in the words of her Supervisor, Khloe Howard. "Mariah is great fun to work with, she gets on brilliantly well with both her colleagues and the customers alike. She has her set jobs which she gets stuck into straight away and once finished helps out the Waitresses, with other tasks as needed. Its a pleasure to have her working with us".


Paul Fitzgerald - Catering Assistant, Marymount University Hospital & Hospice

"My name is Paul Fitzgerald and I work 6 hours a week in Marymount Hospice."

Phil Grant, Head of HR in Marymount: "Paul is full of energy and life and has a positive impact on our staff, patients and their families.  Eva is always there, in person or at the end of a phone if you need her. I would have no hesitation in recommending this experience for any prospective employer."