Activation Update!

by Paul Ahern on April 19th, 2020

So what have our amazing students been up? We decided to do a photo check in and look what we found!!


Ross has been keeping fit by going for a walk every day. He also celebrated his birthday earlier this week!!

John has been busy in the garden as usual...he has also been baking some delicious shortbread!

David has also been multi-tasking...lots of gardening and baking!!

Gerard has been showing off his creative talents while also getting his hands dirty by helping out in the garden.

Lisa has been busy making the best banana bread in Ballinora!

Emer has also been keeping busy, working on her artistic skills and the worksheets from the Field.

Martin has also been showing off his creative side, making an easter card for his fellow classmates!

There may have been a few easter eggs eaten too!!