Our Programmes

Adults with Down syndrome are pictured standing inside a polytunnel where they have been harvesting onions
Participants on the Life and Work Skills Programme pictured harvesting onions for the Cork Summer Show 2018

From September 2019, a range of 3 programmes will be on offer at Field of Dreams: 

Working with Down Syndrome Ireland, our new Programmes are bespoke for people with Down syndrome. There are two strands: Activation and Ability.

Activation Programme

The Activation Programme will run one day a week and offer practical activities including cookery, gardening, arts & crafts. As with the previous course, fun remains a key element!

Ability Programmes

Two Ability Programmes will run side by side, each for 2 days a week for 2 years:

The first, Ability Practical Literacy and Technology, follows a bespoke programme developed by the University of Queensland for people with Intellectual Disability. This programme enhances core-comprehension skills, improved communication, builds self-confidence, improves literacy & technology skills. 

The second, Ability Work Skills, will combine horticulture skills with workplace readiness. “Nationally and internationally a very high percentage of adults with Down syndrome are reported to be unemployed and our membership reflects this”, says Eva O’Donovan, Employment Support Specialist with Field of Dreams. “Supporting participants into employment is a key objective for the Field of Dreams. I’m delighted to say that this programme brings this dream a few steps closer.” 

Participant numbers to increase

The new plan sees participant capacity double from the current 8 to a potential 22 people. 

Debbie, Manager / Care Co-ordinator at Field of Dreams explains:

Debbie who is Care Manager of Field of Dreams Cork is sitting outside in the courtyard area on a sunny day
Debbie Kelleher, Manager and Care Coordinator at Field of Dreams Cork

We have had a fantastic beginning at Field of Dreams. We piloted the programme in 2017 and were delighted when all 8 participants returned to the programme for the second year. All have passed QQI modules with us and we are very proud of their achievements. We have worked very closely with Down Syndrome Ireland and with our own Speech and Language Therapist Mide Kearney. Going forward our programme will closely align with DSI’s Ability programme. However, we will retain our unique horticultural training.

Field of Dreams are very grateful for the support of the Cork Education and Training Board in running this programme. The next intake of participants is planned for September 2019 and expressions of interest are being accepted now.

Do you want to know more?

Download form here or contact Debbie by emailing d.kelleher(at)fieldofdreamscork.ie