2017: What a year at Curraheen

Let us bring you on a whirlwind tour of a whirlwind year (or 2) at Field of Dreams, Curraheen.

We leased a site at Curraheen, Cork, just off the N40. Field of Dreams were delighted to have been offered this site at Curraheen by the Munster Agricultural Society. We were granted planning permission by Cork County Council for the necessary development of a purpose built facility. Facilities include access, safe arrival and secure parking area, a learning room, market stall area, office, amenity area, kitchen, polytunnels and plenty of outdoor ‘rooms’ with boundless possibilities including a sensory garden, nature trail and picnic area. Our garden design included the work of project ambassador Diarmuid Gavin who sprinkled some magic over the design elements of the Field.

We turned the sod in the Spring of 2017 and spent all summer on site. With thanks to fantastic support of C-Field Construction, Keelings, PM Group and so many other hands-on and financial supporters, we got everything in place remarkably quickly. And wow, what a transformation. It was time to appoint a manager – we are delighted that Debbie Kelleher has filled this role with competence, energy and enthusiasm.

We officially launched with a garden party on September 2nd 2017. On the day, special guests who had contributed in so many different but significant ways addressed the assembled supporters. These included a heart warming contribution from Simon Coveney who has been a solid supporter of the Field of Dreams from the beginning. Our Chairperson Ray O’Callaghan was on hand to say thank you to all of those who had ‘dug deep’ to get the project this far. In return, we say thank you to Ray for his passion and belief in the dream. “If you build it people will come. Ray. People will come”: Famous words from the movie 1990 ‘Field of Dreams’ and as relevant as ever in Cork.

However, the really big day for the Field of Dreams Cork came later in September 2017. This was our first intake of participants on the Life and Work Skills Programme which we are piloting.

The first intake of participants to the Field of Dreams Cork
The day we were waiting for: The first intake of participants to the Field of Dreams Cork Life and Work Skills Programme.

What a year! We say thank you to all of the Board members, parents, friends, sponsors and employees of this magical project. But of course we must remember that it is the adults with Down syndrome who will really make the Field the Field of Dreams.

 In 2017, we Dreamed It, 

We believed it, We DID it. 

In 2018, our aim is to GROW it.

Preparing for Christmas 2017 at Field of Dreams Cork