Keelings provide the cherry on top for our field of dreams

Keelings provide polytunnels

Soft fruit specialists, Keelings, transform the field of dreams by constructing 2 large polytunnels

Have you passed the Field of Dreams site in Curraheen recently and noticed anything different ??  You may seen 2 new fine sized, new polytunnels. These are the real deal, replicas of those used by the Irish ‘kings of soft fruit’, Keelings.

Marek and the team from Keelings did a great job in transforming the site , the are very interested in the future use of the tunnels  and have been working non-stop until the tunnels were solidly in place.

We would like to give a special thank you to Marek and his team. May you be able to enjoy some strawberries and cream in future on us. Seen here with the Keelings’ team is Sharon Mulcahy (purple hat – of course) who has been doing a great job supporting the start up phase of the Field.

We are looking forward to see what the future holds for these tunnels and field of dreams!