Employment Supports

At Field of Dreams Cork one of the ultimate objectives for our trainees is placement in meaningful employment. In most cases our trainees tell us they would love part-time work where they are a valued member of a team. To help us achieve this objective we require;

  • opportunities for work experience and
  • once our trainees graduate, employers who are willing to offer employment contracts.

Eva O’Donovan is Employment Support Specialist at Field of Dreams Cork. Her role is supported by Down Syndrome Ireland as part of their national remit to support people with DS to access and sustain work.

Eva is shown a work experience portfolio by a Field of Dreams Cork trainee.

No Obligation Conversation

Eva welcomes expressions of interest from potential employers without obligation. Understandably, employers have concerns. These can range from not having any personal experience of employing a person with DS to Health & Safety concerns regarding the candidate or their customers. These concerns are legitimate, and tend to be very employer and site specific. Our support services continue for as long as is necessary for both employer and employee to be fully comfortable.

Valued Team Members

We know that adults with Down syndrome have a lot to offer the business community of Cork. But they need to be given the opportunity to do so. We stress that this is a real job with real responsibilities, without exception. This is a culture which we foster throughout a trainee’s time at Field of Dreams and also on work placement. As a result, the candidates bring real value to the work place. Contact Eva e.odonovan@fieldofdreamscork.ie