Diarmuid Gavin – rolling down hills

Diarmuid GavinDiarmuid Gavin was in town this week to discuss his design ideas for the ‘Fun’ element of the Field of Dreams project to commence soon in Curraheen, Cork. Diarmuid responded some months ago to a letter from Field of Dreams’ Chairman Ray O’Callaghan asking for his input.

Diarmuid explains

“It was my wife who read Ray’s letter first. She handed it to me and told me that I couldn’t ignore it – that was it, I was hooked! I think its a fantastic project”.

Diarmuid, fresh from his Silver Gilt success at Chelsea Flower Show, chatted with Ray and other Board members over some garden plans.

“I’m an outsider looking in”, he said “ but I think there’s a huge opportunity to make an important and fun impact on site. I’m working on a garden in the UK at the moment which emphases the importance of engaging in a fun and active way with the landforms – we don’t roll down hills like we used to and I want to bring that back.”


Today, a couple of days after Diarmuid’s visit, a few of us from the Field team were on site in Curraheen to tie our newly acquired banner to the boundary fence along the Clash Road. The move was more symbolic than impactful as not one car passed in the 30 minutes it took to attach the banner to the fence. Yet in some small way a claim has been made to the site that will, we have no doubt, witness the realisation of dreams, in however many small steps into the future. Banner erected, we then walked through the knee high grass of the Field and on beyond to see how the UCC vegetables are growing. There we saw parsnips, carrots and beetroot plants stretching out in uniform rows running parallel to the N40. On returning home it was no surprise to read in this Irish Times article that walking in nature is a recognised therapy. Now we can’t wait until we can roll down Diarmuid Gavin’s promised hills.


Grace Hamilton and Ray O’Callahan celebrating the securing of a banner on the boundary fence of the Field in Curraheen.