Activation Programme launches

Activation Programe goes gardening
The Activation Programme is a pilot, nurturing and holistic programme for adults who commit one day a week for 10 weeks. Activities are both indoors and outdoors but always person centred.

In March of this year our one day / week Activation Programme commenced on a 10 week pilot basis. This programme aims to provide meaningful activities and ongoing learning opportunities in the magical and safe environment of the Field of Dreams. It is geared at those adults who wish to partake in a variety of social and practical activities and gain new experiences in areas such as horticulture, catering and arts and crafts.

While the Activation Programme is a structured programme which includes a focus on numeracy, literacy it is non-academic in nature. One of Field of Dreams’ objectives is  to create opportunities for enjoyment and fulfillment in the lives of adults with Down Syndrome. The Activation Programme offers a safe and secure place where course participants can develop their ability to mix socially, interact with others and make new friends while learning practical skills. Already we are seeing those involved growing in confidence and becoming more self reliant. There are 5 participants on the pilot with the support of one tutor and a volunteer.

Activation Programme, Spring 2018

The pilot is being monitored and once complete will be reviewed. We hope to continue and improve on this programme – if you would be interested in attending future courses please get in touch with Debbie here.   Participants must be 21 years and over.