John, Glanmire

This project is for creating a garden for people with Down syndrome disabilities, some are deaf and some love to touch and smell plants and sow seeds. It is good for people like us to know what kinds of fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers can be grown. It’s also good for us to be out in the fresh air getting healthy exercise and making new friends.

John, Glanmire

Planning Permission Application Submitted

Planning permission application Site image

Planning permission has been sought

for the Field of Dreams horticultural project from Cork County Council this week. All going according to plan, the sod will be turned in early May. The education, training and work progammes will be fully operational by September. Since the idea germinated in Chairperson Ray O’Callaghan’s mind about 4 years ago a lot of work has been put in by the Board of Down Syndrome Cork. This week’s planning permission submission marks the closing of one chapter and the opening of the next.

Planning permission application
“People said I was mad”, Ray O’Callaghan, Chairperson Field of Dreams, Cork.

“People said I was mad”, says Ray, laughing ” but the field is about to happen and as the man in the movie says ‘People will Come, People will come'”, referring to the 1989 movie ‘Field of Dreams’.  But Ray O’Callaghan’s actual inspiration came from a TV programme showing the benefits for adults with Down syndrome and their families, when introduced to work in a farm setting. Field of Dreams, Cork will build on this and provide meaningful work and life skill development opportunities for adults with Down Syndrome within a market garden setting.

There is a definite feeling of magic in the air of the 3 acre Curraheen site this week following the planning permission application. Thrown into the cauldron is

  • the enthusiasm of the adults with Down syndrome it is intended for,
  • the grit and determination of the Board members,
  • the advance purchase enquiries from Cork businesses
  • the opportunities for local, national and international businesses to come on board with sponsorship, expertise, materials and in many more ways.
  • and a little sprinkling of sparkle dust, of course.

‘People will come, Ray. They will most definitely come’.

Many thanks to the Evening Echo for their article published this evening.