About Our Dream…

Built in 2017 to meet the ongoing learning needs of adults with Down syndrome across Cork City & County, the Field of Dreams was developed by Down Syndrome Ireland, Cork branch.

Our vision (and dream!!)  is to provide opportunities for adults with Ds for ongoing learning and growth (pardon the pun!!). For some this will move them towards a life of greater independence and self-reliance..for others, it will move them towards paid work.

In this magical 3 acre horticultural site in Curraheen, built to meet their specific needs, we focus on providing days that are productive, busy, meaningful, and full of fun!

Who We Are

DSC is a parent-led management board and is a branch of the national charity Down Syndrome Ireland. We are passionate about creating opportunities for our members of all ages and we have been exceptionally good at stepping into spaces where we felt our members needs were not being adequately met.

What We Do

We provide bespoke training for adults with Down syndrome and this, coupled with hands-on Employment Support(for both the employee and the employer) ..has been critical in successfully integrating our FOD students into the workplace. 

Get Involved

We have been incredibly lucky to have had fantastic support from the people of Cork, from individuals & organisations, to local businesses and international corporations. There are a myriad of ways in which you can support the Field of Dreams…