Our Motivation – We All Have a Dream

Putting the dream in context


Our purpose is to create a horticultural centre for adults with Down syndrome, supported by a diverse network of professionals, volunteers, industry and state bodies.

Our pilot project got underway on the 25th of September 2017.

We anticipate that Field of Dreams will become a meaningful place of learning and experiences for adults in a secure, inspirational and fun environment.

Through a blend of structured programmes (including cookery, IT, retail, hospitality and drama) participants will enjoy the opportunity to enhance their work and life skills in a horticultural environment.

As 95% of adults with Down syndrome are currently unemployed, a key element of the programme will be collaborating with Companies and Businesses in Cork, supporting them in offering work experience/job placement opportunities to Field of Dreams graduates.

At  Down Syndrome Cork, we are passionate about showing the people of Cork and beyond what adults with Down syndrome can do, what children with Down syndrome can aspire to.  When we are talking about adults with Down syndrome, we want the conversation to change…to include words such as  ‘aspire… goals… dreams… opportunities… plans… future…’.  The Field of Dreams is our vehicle for igniting that change.